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Doug Paraschuk's 380hp 3 litre twin-turbo spider

The turbo spider was built by a friend of mine who runs an Alfa shop here in Canada called Hamilton Autos Service (he and his father have been working on Alfa's for over forty years.) The turbos are IHI units out of a Maserati biturbo. They spool up very quickly with little turbo lag and are great for getting up to speed coming out of a corner. The front airdam is a custom job that I made up and the two intercoolers that the car runs live just behind the two lower intakes. The oil pan is made from the stock mounting plate from a Milano Verde and combining it with the hammerhead sump from the 2 litre. The transmission is a stock 2 litre with lightened gears and a reinforced case. It was good enough for Trans Am racing, and the car is so light that really not that much stress is loaded up into it (I have done one look inside since tracking the car and everything seems to be standing up). Burnouts are a piece of cake and the car can spin the tires in both first and second gear. The rear end is locked up and I am running the taller gears from a automatic spider (the car has tons of torque and does not really need to rev as much-without the rearend gear change, first is over in literally a second). The chassis is fully stiffened ( the car actually warped a rear quarter panel before I did this). Brake/rotor/master cylinder and brake bias upgraded to aid in stopping the thing. The wheels are 18x8 inch ASA/BBS with turner motorsport spacers and the fenders had to be rolled for track day use. I am currently building a more powerful tube frame Duetto trackday car that is what I need the flares for.

Cheers, Doug  

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