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Price - $325.00 per wheel,  includes Alfa wheel caps and circlips.   OUT OF STOCK

Shipping - DHL ground or USPS from our Burbank CA location.      

Quantity Discounts available. Contact Charlie at 818 458 4909.

Fitment Specifications.

Late GT with shallow rear arches (post 1968 and all Spiders) - ET29mm with 195/55 R15 tire size is optimum for performance cars, 185/60-R15 

for standard street cars. Early GT with deep rear arches (1964-1967) and Giulia Super/Berlina - ET29 on the front ET35 on the rear - 195/55-R15 tires are fine for the GT, 185/60-R15 is maximum for Giulia with 100% stock arches, if they have been worked a little then 195/55 is also an option. Just be aware of arch clearance variations from car to car - with most having repaired arch, we have seen clearance variations on early GT with 195 sections from plenty of room to very, very little. We would recommend rolling the rear arch lip up for added clearance on cars which are tight. *ET in millimeters.

Early GT 1964-67 - ET 29 on the front, ET 35 on the rear.  Late GT 1968-74 - All 4 ET 29  

Guilia Sedan - ET 29 on the front, ET 35 on the rear.

Montreal - ET 29 all around             Spider - ET 29 all around             Jr.Zagato - ET 29 all around 

A huge amount of time, effort and research has gone into the design of this wheel. It had to fit the widest range of 105s, after all, we know that all models are used as performance cars, not just GTs after 1967 which have the easiest rear wheel fitment.

Alfaholics 7x15" GTA VELOCE Wheel 

 Full size resin models were made so  that  A;faholics could perfect the visual  appearance  of a  scaled up 14"x7”  Alfaholics GTA  Corsa  wheel - in  15". It was  essential to  keep all  the  character of  this  wheel  when  designing the  new 15"x7” version.  The  picture you are looking at is  the  final  3-D  rendered  computer  drawing  of  the  wheel  and  shows  exactly how it  will  look.  Simply  stunning!

 The GTA Veloce wheel weighs just  7.25kgs  (16.lbs)! This has been  achieved  by incorporating  small  ribs  in the back of the  wheel, very  much  like  the  original  sixties  design, that  allowed the  wheel to  be made  thinner  in cross-  section. Yet  remain strong.  



 The GTA Veloce is 15” in diameter which removes all steering ball joint 
 clearance issues on the front of normal 105’s without GTA type steering arms.
 This has allowed Alfaholics to produce the wheel to Alfa’s original design offset
 of ET29. This would however, be a problem on the back of lowered pre ‘68 GT’s
 (with deep rear arches), and all saloon models as well. So, we have the  ability to
 make the wheel in ET35. Thus, there are two different offsets available.

 Suggested tyre  sizes are either 195/60-R15, (195/55-R15 for those  wishing to
 gear their car back slightly), or 205/50-R15 for race  application. The  wheel has
 been TUV approved for the  German  market

VELOCE wheel is being  manufactured in the  latest  state-of-the-art UK wheel factory  which  supplies OE wheels to Aston  Martin, Lotus  and Bentley. Quality  will be like no other previously  seen in  the classic car aftermarket wheel world!         


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Type 3.5 (4-lug) fits  Spider, GTV, and Montreal

Wheel Size    Bolt Pattern     Offset       Centerbore    Weight          Price  

                            16"x7"           4 x 108              20 mm         73.1 mm          18.5#          $205.00 (in stock)

                            17"x7"           4 x 108              20 mm         73.1 mm          22.0#          $235.00 (in stock)

Type 3.5 (4-lug) fits Alfetta GT, Sport Sedan  

                       Wheel Size    Bolt Pattern     Offset       Centerbore     Weight         Price 

                            15"x7"            4 x 98              38 mm          73.1 mm           16#            $195.00 (call for availability)

                            16"x7"            4 x 98              38 mm          73.1 mm           17.5#         $205.00 (call for availability)

Type 3.5 (5-lug) fits Milano, GTV6, and 164

                       Wheel Size    Bolt Pattern     Offset       Centerbore    Weight          Price
                            16"x7"           5 x 98              38 mm         73.1 mm          17.5#          $205.00 (in stock)

                            17"x7"           5 x 98              40 mm         73.1 mm          19.5#          $225.00 (in stock)

** Type 3.5  (4-lug) also fits  Fiat 124/2000 Spider, Fiat 500, Lancia Scorpion and Maserati BiTurbo **

                      Wheel Size    Bolt Pattern     Offset       Centerbore    Weight          Price
                            15"x7"           4 x 98              20 mm         73.1 mm          16#             $195.00 (in stock)

                            16"x7"           4 x 98              20 mm         73.1 mm          18.5#          $205.00 (in stock)

                            16"x7"           4 x 98              35 mm         56.6 mm          18.5#          $205.00 (in stock)

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