Frequently Asked Questions/Customer Comments
Frequently Asked Questions About Serpent Autosport Wheels

Q. What size tire do you recommend for their fitment to a 73 Spider (stock ride height)?

A. 205/50/16, will fit all Spiders from 1967-94.

Q. Are any modifications needed to make your wheels fit?

A. No modifications required! The wheels come supplied with the proper lug nuts so just mount the tires and bolt on the wheels.

Q. 7" seems wide. No problems with the width? Will I have to flare my wheel wells?

A. The 7" width fills out the wheels wells for the modern sporty look. You will not have to flare your wheel wells, but if you want flares Serpent Autosport has them on the Body Kit page.

Q. How much is shipping on 4 wheels?

A. Depends on where you are located. The wheels ship DHL from So. Calif. When you inquire about ordering, supply us with your ship to address and then we will give you an accurate shipping quote.

Q. Are the wheels hub-centric?

A. No, they are lug-centric. The front hubs on the Spider are 64mm diameter and the rears are 70mm diameter. Therefore the center bore of the wheel has to be 70mm plus to fit front and back. The factory wheels are not hub-centric, because they have to be able to rotate to any of the four positions

Q. What is a lug-centric design?

A. Lug-centric means the wheel relies on its fasteners to determine its final mounted position on the hub. See the proper mounting instructions for details on the Wheels page.

Q. Is the polished wheel clear- coated?

A. There is no coating on the polished wheel. It's nude! The buyer could have the wheel clear coated, but Serpent Autosport does not offer this service.

Q. Iíve heard that any tire wider than stock makes the steering heavier.

A. The wider tires on Serpent Autosport wheels do increase the effort required to steer while turning at parking speeds. However the increase in all around performance is noticeably better. With the larger contact patch, you will feel the increase in performance when cornering and braking.

Q. Will the speedometer be accurate?

A. The BF Goodrich tires I use are 205/50/16. They are 24.07" in diameter. The stock rims came with Michelin tires 185/70/14, which are 24.20" in diameter (Remember: Rim width is in millimeters, diameterof wheel in inches. Formula is: ([width] x [aspect ratio]) x 2 (sidewall height) /10 (to get centimeters)/2.54 (to get inches)+ rim diameter = Total Diameter in inches.                    

* There are slight variations in diameter between tire brands, so check the specific model dimensions when choosing tires.

Q. I've never heard of Serpent Autosport wheels, are they new? How are they made and are they high quality?

A. Serpent Autosport is a new company, but the factory producing the wheels has 25 years of experience in the aftermarket wheel business. Serpent wheels are made by counter pressure casting. This method produces a less-porous and subsequently stronger wheel(1580# max load rating per wheel). These wheel are DOT approved.

Q. Now that I have Serpent Autosport wheels on my Alfa, I have more ladies than I can handle. What should I do?

A. Post their names and numbers on the Alfa BB. No, no, tell other Alfa owners to get great looking Serpent Autosport wheels for their cars!

                                                    Customer Comments

Very impressed with the way the Type 3 wheels fit. And they've sharpened up the handling as well.

thanks a million for the car care products, they are great. everything worked out well.   my red car is cinnamon pearl, however, after the glaze and one wax. the car took on  deeper maroon type shine, simply beautiful.  i could tell that blitz wax  provided excellent protection. the glaze provided the dept.  i was  too tired to use  the showoff, i will get to it. really really like the wash.   the leather care came in good hands for my hummer leather seats. glass cleaner was streakless.  everything went well. let me know when you get your check.  i will place another order in about 2-weeks.

thanks again charlie.

J B Cadillac XLR

Hello Charlie, 

I had the wheels mounted today.  I was and am still grinning.  It has been raining but weather permitting; I should have some photos by this weekend.  I had Toyo T1Rís size 205/50/16 mounted.  I was concerned about increased steering effort and am happy to report that it is barely perceptible.  The increased grip and turn-in precision is amazing compared to the previous 185/14ís. Hmm, now I am thinking seriously about a chassis brace.  Thanks for the new shoes for the spider.  Iíll send pics soon. 


M V  Spider Veloce

I love it! Though it's only been about 20 miles. I ended up putting Kumho  225/40/16's all the way around. Plenty of room front and back. Ride is naturally, a little stiffer, but I like that. Turning at parking lot speeds is not too bad. The handling is fantastic. Lots of rubber meeting the road. Thanks.

GW   Spider Veloce

Hello Charlie,

Just wanted to let you know I got your Type 3 wheels!  Yesterday I had them mounted with Yokohama AVS ES100 225/45ZR-16 93W BSW tires.  WOW they look great !  Everything fits just fine on my 84 GTV6.  No rubbing that I can see.  The front chin spoiler is a little close when I turn the wheel full lock..but it is a 10 minute job to trim it back just a big deal. I will take some photos of the car and send them to you.

Thank you,
G C   GTV6

Serpent Autosport,

The One Grand Glass Cleaner did it! Nothing like it. Thanks.


Charlie, the last order revealed the quality is extremely good on all your stuff !! I would like to order the following car care products..........           

Thank you,


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